Friday, August 14, 2009

The Fridays

While we're all familiar with "a case of the mondays", I think we've all come down with "the fridays" as well. The alarm goes off, and you think "It's Friday!", which is the most compelling reason to get out of bed- so you can get the darn day over with- but then the entire work day consists of a herculean struggle not to sprint for the door. 9 o clock... 10 o clock... by noon PST, the east coast is essentially already enjoying the weekend- jerks. After lunch, as food coma sets in, it's margarita daydreams... youtube videos... lolcats... is it seriously only 1 pm? AAAARRGGGHHHH.. and the clock drags by like the battery is low and it's eventually going to stop before it's time to go.

It's just like that last week of school where you wonder every day why they make you show up since nothing useful is being accomplished anyway.. only it's every single Friday, instead of once a year. :) Have a great weekend everyone!

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