Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Etsy Wishlist

Oh, Etsy. Full of goodies. I can honestly say there's never something I'm NOT curious to search for. Here are some things I have been meaning to purchase forever, and am just waiting for a lottery win, or a good commission month, or finding a $100 bill on the ground... I want these!! :)

This hot/cold therapy pack is from TheFerrisWheels's Etsy Shop
Do not eat! Pink grapefruit awesomeness (soap) from SunBasilGarden
Sweet stack rings from KiraFerrer in Hawaii. Aloha!
Heart! Heart heart heart!!! Fab upcycled poppy clutch from GetReadySetGO
Gorgey-mc-gorgeourson! Love it. Cotton cloche with vintage flourish from BonniesKnitting 


  1. We have the same taste! I love Kira's rings. They are on my wishlist in green. Great to find your awesome blog. I'm following now.

    PS. Thanks for including my soaps :)

  2. That hat is simply adorable, and GetReadySetGo has the best bags! Thank you for including my rings!

  3. Wow! Great finds! Love the therapy packs! Hope you win that lotto!

  4. The colors in SunBasilGarden's soap make me crazy! I love it! Thanks for including me in such amazing company!