Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Items & New Shop!

So I've been crafting like mad these past couple of weeks, and I've opened a new Etsy shop to focus specifically on upcycled items- UpandUpcycled. I also finally made a lightbox, and I have to say the pictures are WAYYYY BETTER. If you have a shop and you haven't done this yet, you must. I just used printer paper, white posterboard, tape and a box I had laying around. Here's an example of photos with the box:
This was my first item added to UpandUpcycled, a sweet little armadillo pincushion, which sold instantaneously. If only all listings worked that way! :)
I have also been making linoleum cuts and printing. Here's a nifty Star Trek tie I adore.
I also made this rad Paris clutch out of an old pillow cover. I may unlist it and keep it. Haven't decided yet. :)
Just in case you didn't know, I have the world's cutest dog. (In my opinion, of course) I also whipped up this Robin Hood costume, and will be posting the pattern for it soon. Yay!

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